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Define OakleyDefine OakleyDefine Oakley
Define Oakley

How We Got Here

DEFINE Oakley approached Scroll Media facing hurdles in strategy formulation, and organizational structure. Recognizing the need for a comprehensive approach to address these issues, Scroll Media started with understanding the brand's unique requirements and market positioning.

What We Did

To address DEFINE Oakley's challenges, Scroll Media initiated a multifaceted strategy. We began by crafting a detailed content calendar tailored to the brand's voice and industry nuances. This involved restructuring and maintaining an on-brand social profile, recommending optimal publication dates and times, and planning a content schedule. To enhance the brand's presence further, we encouraged client contributions to ensure a personalized and cohesive social media narrative.

Define Oakley


DEFINE Oakley saw improvements in its media growth and organizational structure. The implementation of the content calendar, combined with the curated posts and engagement-focused captions, led to increased brand visibility and audience engagement, with over 200 new followers in the first 8 weeks, higher content engagement at over 35%, and a reach of over 25k in new accounts. The proactive approach to capturing in-studio content further enriched the brand's social media presence.

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Define Oakley